Public Private Partnership (PPP)


What is PPP? & Necessity of PPP cooperation

Public private partnership (PPP: Public Private Partnership) is a form of cooperation between one party is a state agency and the other is a private entity. In the context that public hospitals are often overloaded like in Vietnam today, this is considered one of the effective solutions to mobilize non-state economic sectors to invest in the health sector, thereby improve efficiency and capacity in healthcare for the people. 

Through the socialization and investment in the form of PPP in the health sector, hospitals will be built synchronously in modern medical infrastructure, facilities and equipment to develop a for the new technology, the medical staff has improved their professional qualifications; thereby providing many high-tech medical services, bringing benefits to patients. Many techniques previously could only be performed abroad at very high costs, but now Vietnam can do it at a reasonable cost that many patients can afford such as liver transplantation, plastic surgery. , in vitro fertilization ... This is considered as a form of cooperation to optimize investment efficiency and provide high-quality public services, bringing benefits to both the state and the people.

Introduction to People's Hospital 115

People's Hospital 115 is a class I general hospital under the Department of Health of Ho Chi Minh City with 29 years of establishment and development. With the scale of 1,600 patient beds and 42 functional departments, the hospital daily serves about 2,500 patient visits and 300 emergency patients, on average, each year receives examination and treatment for more than 600,000 turns. patients of the City and the South.

With a team of experienced doctors, performing many difficult techniques in diagnosis and intervention, People's Hospital 115  has achieved many achievements as well as national awards and received the trust of the people in for many years.

Introduction to Gia An Hospital 115

Gia An 115 Hospital is one of six hospitals in Hoa Lam Shangri-La High-Tech Medical Area and is a general hospital at the western gateway of the city. Ho Chi Minh City, was established to apply high technology in health care to the people according to the policy of socialization of health care of the State.

With a scale of 367 hospital beds invested more than 1,500 billion VND, Gia An 115 Hospital is fully equipped with facilities to serve specialties: Cardiology, Neurology - Stroke, Endocrinology, Trauma. figure, Physiotherapy - Rehabilitation, with a team of professionals trained at home and abroad, especially with the participation of leading experts from 115 People's Hospital.

Public-private partnership (PPP) between Gia An 115 Hospital and  People's 115 Hospital 

Gia An 115 Hospital is the first public-private partnership (PPP) model between People's Hospital 115 and Gia An 115 Hospital Co., Ltd. approved by the People's Committee of Ho Chi Minh City to resolve the problem. load of end-line public hospitals in the city. Ho Chi Minh City, contributing to improve the quality of medical examination and treatment for the city people in general and especially for the western gateway area.

Accordingly, Gia An 115 Hospital Company Limited invests all construction capital and medical equipment for the hospital's operation. 115 People's Hospital invests in the capacity, quality and prestige of the hospital, and is responsible for operating Gia An 115 Hospital.

With this cooperation model, Gia An 115 Hospital Company Limited and 115 People's Hospital will become each other's long-term partners in the health sector, ensuring high quality medical human resources for Gia Hospital. An 115 also helps to reduce the overcrowding of 115 People's Hospital and public hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City in accordance with the policy of health socialization of the State.